Jash Technical Services Limited is the flag ship company of Jash Group of Companies.

Established in 1976, Jash developed its Operations in the Government Sector as a major Contracting Company in the fields of Operations, Maintenance, Defense Purchases, Life Support Services, Hospitality, and technical & Personnel Support for Defense Programs, Hospital Management Services, hi-Tech Electronic Surveillance & Security Systems, Building Management Systems, and wide-ranging Logistics Support Services.

Company futuristic corporate strategy and an active Research & Development Program has spurred the extent and value of its Operations. Based on a heightened local and Global economic activity Jash’s current contracts exceed half a Billion Riyals in value. The Company’s vision for the coming decade includes Joint-ventures with Foreign Partners in the field of specialised National Defense needs of the Kingdom; provide Technical & Personnel Support Services to Prime Manufacturers securing contracts with Ministry of Defense & Aviation and other Logistics Support for sourcing and procurement of sensitive equipment and spares.

The Company currently employees more than Two Thousand Personnel and has ongoing cooperation arrangements with several foreign high profile companies and groups.

Command Control & Communication Systems

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  • camander

Advanced Tactical Systems

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Protector Remote Weapon Systems

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Command Control Systems

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