Jash Holding operating for over three decades within the Kingdom and beyond. Whilst each Company within the group operates as an autonomous profit-center, the corporate Headquarters provide strategic planning, financial resources and accountability, investment approvals, legal & ethics guidelines and political support in response to specific needs of each Company.


While Diversification is the right path to business growth, sustainability is only possible through consolidation.Hence the journey of Jash continued, with varying business ventures, towards a seamless merging into a Holding Entity.Jash Holding LLC now maintains controlling interests in the following Companies in the Kingdom and beyond.

  • Jash Technical Services LLC.

  • Desert Fence Company LLC.

  • Energy Engineering Services Inc.

  • Dynamic Systems LLC.

  • Global Logistics LLC.

  • Integrated Supply Systems Inc (USA).

  • Investments in:

  • Gulf Navigation Company (UAE)

  • Sweet Water Company.

  • Various Real Estate Investments.

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